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Have you ever wished that you could find clothing that was suitable for wear in any climate or just in the unpredictable weather we so often experience on a day to day basis? Thanks to an exciting cooling fabric created by Spoerry 1866 you can have just that. Ice Cotton works by reacting with your skin temperature to cool you when it gets warmer and ensures that you feel confident and comfortable at all times.

A new approach to fabric and textiles

Cooling fabric is an exciting new concept that has many advantages. An innovative, technologically advanced spinning process is applied to fibres which are then used to create the superb Ice Cotton cooling fabric that is unique to Spoerry 1866. Many of us have a more demanding lifestyle, and we are aware that it is not only warmer weather conditions that can cause body temperature to rise. Stress, central heating and enclosed environments can all play their part, so the demand for fashionable clothing made from cooling fabric is greater than ever. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of cooling fabric in a stylish and elegant range of clothing which has been created by a team of top designers. At you can discover up to the minute looks in Ice Cotton, and read all about the advantages of choosing cooling fabric today. Ice Cotton is made from the highest grade cotton, some of which is the luxurious Sea Island cotton grown on Spoerry's own plantations in the Caribbean. This is where this exciting cooling fabric differs from other textiles which make the same claims.

The great advantages of this innovative cooling fabric

Although there is an extensive selection of fabrics which supposedly protect against UV rays and which have a cool effect, they are invariably made from synthetic fibres which don't have the same qualities that pure 100% cotton does. You will know already that when the body become overheated sweat is produced. This in turn can cause a build up of bacteria that leads to unpleasant body odour. However, the exceptional natural qualities of the 100% pure cotton that is used for the creation of Ice Cotton cooling fabric allow heat from your skin to evaporate easily through the garment. This is not the case with synthetic fabrics which are structurally different, and which provide no natural outlet for body heat and aid the build up of unpleasant bacteria. Whether you want to be prepared for any climate, or whether you want to look cool, confident and professional in your working environment, this exclusive cooling fabric is the perfect solution.

Cooling fabric is comfortable and soft next to the skin and can even be worn by those who are sensitive to synthetic materials. Completely natural and made with all the care and attention to detail that you would expect from a leading Swiss company, each piece created from cooling fabric by Spoerry 1866 is a delight. You won't have to worry about feeling hot and bothered in a professional setting again, and holidays will be a joy when you choose cooling fabric. Easy care and easy on the eye, cooling fabric is the smart alternative to synthetics and will never let you down.

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